Disinfection as an ally in all cleaning processes

Disinfecting textiles in the cleaning process is crucial to ensure proper elimination of viruses and bacteria. This is key both at times like the present, when this has taken on special importance because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and also in a normal context. Hygiene is a highly important factor in all areas of our lives, as it is a way of preventing the spread of infectious diseases and to avoid contracting illnesses caused by poor hygiene.  

The importance of disinfection processes in the industry

This is why at Girbau we take disinfection processes very seriously and work on a day-to-day basis to provide our customers with effective solutions and offer all our know-how in this area. In this respect, the current situation has posed a new challenge to cleaners and laundries in terms of processes to guarantee complete disinfection of linen, especially more delicate items, and in preparing protocols to avoid contamination between clean and dirty linen. With regard to washing processes, dry cleaning, which is generally the most usual method for delicate linen, does not guarantee successful disinfection of textiles in the washing process.

Therefore, at Girbau we have made a firm commitment to wet cleaning, the sustainable alternative to dry cleaning. Wet cleaning is a solution specially designed to protect, care for and enhance the final quality of the wash while guaranteeing thorough extermination of viruses and germs by using the right programme and chemicals.

In general, a specific temperature, a particular time and a dose of the right chemical are the key factors when talking about disinfecting textiles. It is also important to make sure these disinfection parameters are complied with, and we can monitor this, for example, with our remote Sapphire programme. But apart from this, there are other factors to take into account, both at cleaners and laundries and anywhere else where linen is washed, including in the domestic sphere, to stop items becoming contaminated once more.

Protocols as a tool to ensure textile disinfection

The correct functioning of clean linen storage and transport, whether to the hotel room or to a hospital ward, is the final stage in what has to be seen as processing of the linen within a laundry. All the work can be useless if care is not taken over clean linen, which is why it is extremely important to ensure strict control over personal hygiene and have space to allow two completely separate flows of dirty and clean linen, so avoiding them coming into contact at any point.

In short, at Girbau we aim to support our customers closely by offering them tools, machinery and personalised advice on the ground, to ensure that disinfection and cleaning processes are carried out with every guarantee and are 100% successful.


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