Girbau Industrial Business Unit: specific solutions for laundries in the industrial sector

Industrial laundries' business has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which has posed new challenges. Thus, the industrial laundry sector is currently at a time of change that calls for new formulas, equipment and tools to adapt to the new challenges posed by today's market, more than ever taking into account disinfection and energy saving.

And Girbau constantly works hand in hand with the sector and with our customers to assess these new requirements and support them in their professional growth. In today's blog we want to talk about and present the Girbau Industrial Business Unit, a new business unit led by Marc Vilar, focused specifically on providing solutions for laundries in the industrial sector. Want to know more about this new unit? Don't miss today's post!

After over 35 years beside the industrial segment, the Girbau Industrial Business Unit has been set up with the intention of taking advantage of all this expertise to take a step forward, by creating a department 100% focused on providing comprehensive services and solutions to meet the needs of all parts of the industrial segment. Girbau already offers solutions for all kinds of industrial laundry, from hospitals to hotels, achieving outstanding successes in recent years and months.

With a multi-talented team made up of professionals with experience as engineers, maintenance technicians, project managers and experts in energy efficiency and processes, the Girbau Industrial Business Unit, focuses on industrial laundries with a throughput of over 5 tonnes a day, to offer them comprehensive, specialist advice with the emphasis on the most innovative, efficient and effective resources, and always with the Girbau brand behind it. This team of experts is therefore ready to support our customers at all times, from their initial needs analysis to technical support and after-sales service, always flexible and adapting 100% to their demands and requirements.

Here at Girbau we have always worked to support our customers, and the Girbau Industrial Business Unit is further proof of our determination to carry on adding value in the sector, as well as keeping up a firm commitment to sustainability, forging relationships with our partners and supporting and backing their businesses in times as uncertain as these.



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