How can a washing machine make our work easier?


How can a washing machine make our work easier?



As we pointed out in our last post, reliability is essential in choosing a washing machine, as you need to be sure that machine has the right technical features to meet the demands of a professional laundry. But what about ease of use? It's no use having a latest-generation machine with great features if it isn't practical and easy to use.  The easier a washing machine is to use, the easier it will make your work and therefore the more profitable it will be. Carry on reading to find out what a washing machine needs to make both use and maintenance simple, intuitive and ergonomic!




The first thing we find if we talk about ease of use is the need to have programmes that adapt 100% to the needs of every laundry business to achieve the washing flexibility required in every situation. Being able to choose the right programme to meet your requirements at any time and with a single click might seem obvious, but it is a factor that certainly makes life easier. This means that the latest generation of machines today have a versatility of washing never seen before, with nearly a hundred programmes and the possibility of switching from professional laundry control to vended simply by pressing a button.



Not having to keep an eye on the wash all the time, or having to be there while the machines do their work in case there is any problem or fault, means the time can be used for other tasks, making best use of resources and money. This is why alerts are another key point to take into account when talking about ease of use because, thanks to the system of alerts, a client or an employee can forget about supervising the operation of the machines on the spot. Moreover, connectivity is one of the technologies with the biggest future prospects for remote control of industrial laundries, and thanks to the development of the IoT any incident can be reported automatically, in real time.

Weighing system, ergonomics and design


The weighing system, ergonomics and design are other important points to highlight when talking about ease of use. The use of ergonomic criteria in designing a washing machine makes the users' job easier, enhancing comfort, reducing physical effort and saving time. Thus, features like the width of the door and a wide opening angle make loading and unloading convenient and fast; while smart weighing boosts efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of each wash as well as allowing the amount of water and detergent to be adjusted, and avoiding overloading, an important factor in profitability in the vended sector.

Screens and interfaces


A water and shock-proof touch screen, which allows the machine to be used even with gloves on, is another essential factor in making a machine easy to use. It is important to point out the matter of gloves as being able to work without removing and putting on gloves saves time and effort and makes work much easier. Thanks to the “Light Status Corner” indicator light in the new Girbau GS7 series of washing machines, machine status can be detected from anywhere in the laundry: whether the washing machine is running, available, has an alarm or even if it has nearly finished a cycle; all this through indicator lights that allow a unique user experience. Moreover, using its functions is very easy, thanks to intuitive graphics and icons to improve the experience for any kind of user.

In this respect, the new generation of Girbau Genius washing machines are designed to be easy to use, at the same time simplifying and speeding up maintenance tasks. This is possible thanks to a design focused on the end user, not only in the most tangible features like a big door, a screen and an indicator light; the Genius series also sets out to be a pioneer in IoT and remote programming, on the understanding that user convenience is also peace of mind for them.


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