How to choose the right commercial washing machine depending on the type of laundry

A question our customers often ask us, and one which is crucial to achieving their goals, is what kind of commercial washing machine is right for their business or activity. It is vital because the success and above all the profitability of the business depends on choosing the right equipment. Therefore, in today's post we are going to talk about the types of commercial washing machine available on the market and the most critical aspects to take into account in choosing one of them: the space available, the size of the laundry, the type of linen to be washed and the type of customer it will be working for.

Apart from volume and operating capacity, washing machines have different features and advantages depending on the type and technical specifications. Washing machines known as "hard-mount" are the most attractive in terms of investment and are often put to the most conventional use. They are a relatively economical option, but it should be borne in mind that the vibrations they produce when spinning mean machines of this kind must be fixed to the ground. These vibrations are transmitted to the ground and can cause problems with noise and vibration, as well as possibly affecting the fabric of the building. For these reasons, washing machines of this type are not suitable when we are talking about washing high volumes of linen. On the other hand, "soft-mount" machines, marketed in the HS (High Speed) series, have a suspended, independent inner cradle fixed to the machine casing by springs and shock absorbers. This allows much faster spinning so that linen comes out much dryer, cutting spending on drying systems, and also allows increased capacity with higher volumes of work. Finally, there is another type of washing machine, known as LS (Low Speed), which are often used in countries where proper maintenance services and spare parts are not so easy to find. These are mechanically and electrically simple machines, meaning they can be repaired easily in places with limited resources.

Space and size

In choosing a type of washing machine the first thing to bear in mind is the space available and the size of the laundry. For example, in the case of a hotel or hospital laundry, space must be provided for trolleys and people to move about, and the location of the laundry is also important. This is because it is sometimes necessary to choose a soft-mount machine as, for example, the vibrations of hard-mount machines make them unsuitable on a first floor or a ground surface not originally intended for a laundry. Also, in the case of hospitals, aged-care homes, hotels and the like, laundries tend to be in places with low visibility, as the architecture of these buildings means a large or clear space is not always available, so choosing the right type of equipment is crucial. 

Type of linen and type of customer

Other factors to bear in mind include the type of linen to be handled and the type of client to be served. Washing machines are usually categorised by kilos, but this figure does not always indicate the actual amount of linen they can wash. For example, if you try to put a duvet in an 8-kilo domestic washing machine you will probably not manage it, even though the duvet weighs less than 8 kilos. This means you need to identify the type of linen to be handled to know how many actual kilos can be loaded into a washing machine. If you have a lot of very voluminous linen you will need high-capacity machines as they will not be loaded to their maximum capacity. Therefore, in the case of capacity, it must also be borne in mind that a hard-mount washing machine is not the same as a soft-mount one. There are more models of soft-mount machine available on the market, with higher maximum capacities than hard-mount ones. Another factor to bear in mind is whether the laundry will be handling linen for a few big clients or a large number of small ones, i.e. deciding the batch type. Thus, if you expect a lot of clients with small batches, it is advisable to choose small washing machines, and hard-mount machines could fit the bill. Moreover, soft-mount washers give a much dryer result thanks to their high spin speeds, so you will spend less on resources to remove the damp from the linen, so cutting your energy bill. It should be pointed out that the part of a laundry that uses the most energy is the drying and ironing processes.

Finally, the technical specifications of each machine are also a key factor to consider. For example, if Wet Cleaning is a technical requirement for the client, HS soft-mount washing machines have an Inteli Control to ensure that Wet Cleaning washing parameters are met.



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