How to run your business remotely and the importance of connectivity

The blog project has been up and running for a few months now. In this time we've had the chance to talk about disinfection, how to choose the right machines for our laundry and get the most out of them, and about how to set up efficient premises. So, what about connectivity? Technology today plays a fundamental role, offering us solutions and tools to make life a little easier. This is why here at Girbau we work hard for our customers to be able to benefit from the latest innovations in connectivity and technology to help them to set up and run their businesses and boost their profitability. In line with this, today we would like to devote the blog post to talking about how connectivity can help, for example, to run a business remotely, to make sure machines run the right programmes or detect and review any fault that could interfere with the washing process.

Sapphire, the key to boosting profitability. 

Sapphire, Girbau's smart remote control software for running laundries, stands out for its intuitiveness and ease of use, and for its high degree of personalisation, allowing it to adapt to suit the needs of each business, including specific features for the commercial and vended segments. All this makes it possible to deal with incidents remotely and cut the costs associated with them. But what does all this mean in practice?

How does Sapphire work?

Commercial laundries require precise management and performance. The software analyses machinery parameters like disinfection, the evolution of water levels, temperatures and phases, among others, and extracts reports on cycles and production. Like this, Sapphire can help spot operational inefficiencies and enable the owner to decide on the best possible commercial strategy. It also identifies which days see the most volume of work and helps in taking strategic decisions accordingly, making it possible to cut costs and optimise the performance of the business.

In vended laundries, Sapphire instantly spots any irregularity in the machines, notifies the owner immediately via sms or email and allows them to solve the problem wherever they are and whatever device they are using. Like this, everything is resolved quickly and effectively, avoiding future problems, unnecessary journeys and giving clients added value as they get a better service. According to Girbau's calculations, Sapphire can save up to €2,500 a year and over 150 hours of problem-solving time. The software also makes it possible, for example, to allow a spin or a washing cycle or put a machine out of service to avoid further problems, all remotely, which means that in short the software boosts the business and saves time.

DMP, connectivity to cope with the pandemic

Another of the benefits offered by connectivity is the possibility of implementing solutions like Girbau's Disinfection Monitoring Package (DMP), a pioneering solution created specifically to ensure hygiene and disinfection in laundries. Thanks to Sapphire, this new package, which forms part of the Girbau smart remote control software, aims to help our customers, especially hotels, old people's homes and others who have their own laundry with their prevention and disinfection strategies by guaranteeing procedures in accordance with the demands of the new normality. In this respect, DMP plays a key role as it provides a remote data recording system ensuring traceability in terms of time and temperature for proper disinfection when washing each batch, making sure the process is successfully completed.

Covid-19 and the return to normality represent a major challenge for laundries and therefore, aware of this need, at Girbau we have put every effort into developing a pioneering solution to enable our customers to offer the best response to the challenge currently posed by disinfecting linen. DMP breaks down information about control parameters, making it possible to check that the disinfection criteria stipulated in advance by the client have been fulfilled and giving the option of creating custom criteria for disinfection in terms of time and temperature for each programme in each machine, adapting to meet clients' specific needs. It also lets the user see a summary of all the rules and conditions created and in which programmes and machines they are applied, and get a specific report to check whether any programme or machine is not following these specific disinfection rules. In the event that the washing cycle does not fulfil a disinfection condition, the user will be alerted with a notification.

At Girbau we offer an advice service tailored to meet each customer's needs. From design and planning to supplying high-tech machinery, we provide our customers with comprehensive support. Sapphire and DMP are part of the wide range of products and services we offer and represent a further step in our commitment to connectivity, technology and servitisation, i.e. turning product suppliers into service suppliers.


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