iDrivers: entrepreneurship with Girbau's hallmark

At Girbau we work every day to provide the necessary value to the laundry industry through innovation. To do this, the experience and knowledge of all our employees and collaborators is essential, which is why today we would like to talk to you about iDrivers, an initiative promoted by Girbau LAB. The aim of this initiative is to involve our talent by offering them the opportunity to participate in a business entrepreneurship programme that allows them to learn by developing a project focused on providing value to our customers through innovation. Do you want to know more about iDrivers? Don't miss today's post!

What exactly is iDrivers?

iDrivers is the intrapreneurship programme where Girbau employees with creative ideas can improve experiences, products and processes. In doing so, they transfer their ideas to Girbau's business challenges for disruptive solutions and business proposals for industrial laundry.

Innovation is key to further developing and improving the business sector. For this reason, companies must adapt to the constantly changing business world. With iDrivers, Girbau LAB offers Girbau employees an entrepreneurship programme where innovation, ideas, people, talent and execution interact to live an experience that can lead to business improvement and growth in the sector.

How does this programme work?

The employees who have registered and have been selected to participate are organised into groups, normally of two people, to work for 4 months on the challenge launched by Girbau. During this time, they receive training and at the same time receive advice from a coach who advises them on how to get the most out of their ideas, learn about organisation and business, and develop the assigned project before presenting it to the innovation committee.

The first edition of iDrivers was held in 2018 and was aimed only at the company's employees in Vic. Given the success of that first edition in 2019, two editions were held, almost in parallel, one designed only for head quarters workers in Vic and another international one designed exclusively for those workers of the different subsidiaries and headquarters that the company has around the world.

2021: engine of recovery

This year we have gone a step further by opening iDrivers to all Girbau employees, both in Vic and in other countries. In this way, iDrivers 2021 will be the most international edition to date. To this end, the registration period is now closed and teams are being selected and created with all the participants. During the month of July, 10 profiles will be chosen to form the five finalist teams, which will begin training in teams of two people in mid-September. At the end of this process, these projects will be presented to the Girbau Innovation Committee.

If you work at Girbau and like challenges, are passionate about your work, creative, like the world of innovation and want to learn about entrepreneurship and business, don't miss the next edition of iDrivers.



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