Laundry Experts: the advice our customers need

Here at Girbau we work on a daily basis to stand by our customers by offering them machinery, solutions and advice in a 360º service to help them run their businesses as successfully as possible. In this respect, support and personalisation play a very important role and this is why today we want to present to you the figure of our Laundry Experts. Want to find out more about these specialists in innovative solutions? Don't miss today's post!

Solutions to boost your business

The Girbau Laundry Experts are a multi-skilled team of professionals including experts in laundry management, engineers and specialists in washing processes, among others, with extensive experience in the sector and dedicated to assessing, designing and offering solutions to boost any laundry business. Thus, these experts propose the methods and tools our customers need to gain the maximum returns on their business by boosting the quality of their services and cutting their costs.

They do this, for example, by optimising operations and consumption, installing advanced machinery, introducing more effective processes and/or by training laundry staff. So, how exactly do the Laundry Experts work?

How the Laundry Experts work

These professionals work by applying a system that consists of two main stages. The first, called "analysis", is when the Laundry Experts do all the fieldwork. They visit the site to make an on-the-spot diagnosis, and gather and assess all the necessary information and other factors. On the basis of this a report is drawn up with all the elements and factors recorded to meet the goals for improvement.

After presenting this report, the second stage is to execute the project by proposing and implementing specific improvements. The training and versatility of the people who make up this team of experts give a comprehensive overview of the laundry and the ability to propose and apply solutions in different areas, including: washing, logistics and stock management processes, technical diagnostics of machinery and of how to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance, analysing how the laundry is being run overall, conducting an energy and consumption audit, implementing management software, carrying out financial studies and organising training programmes, among many other options.

Also, the Laundry Experts offer comprehensive advice, which means their job does not end once the improvements have been implemented. Thus, a final report is prepared on results, to observe and verify that all the changes are really working properly and introducing monitoring and follow-up measures.

Together with the regular inspections they carry out, this enables the Laundry Experts to stay by the customer's side, reinforcing and supporting their work and at the same time making sure the business is on the right course.

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