Location: a key factor in the success of your vended laundry

Logically, not all locations are equally attractive to the public and for this reason the value of premises varies widely. However, your choice of location will largely determine the success of the business because there are a range of variables associated with its site that have an impact. They are discussed in detail below:

Traffic density in the area

The more people pass in front of the laundry, the more visibility and potential clients the business will have. The ideal traffic is about 50 people every 5 minutes, either walking or in a vehicle. And to be more specific, if there is a traffic light in front of it, the impact is increased thanks to the seconds pedestrians and drivers have to wait.

High population density in the area

The above point considered the traffic, but this aspect must go together with the density of population living in the area where the laundry is to be sited. A place with a lot of traffic is little use if few people live there, for example. Therefore, if a lot of people live around your laundry, it has more potential clients.

Population profile

The bulk of your clients will be people who live in the area, so you should not ignore their profile:

  • Age range
  • Socio-economic circumstances
  • Lifestyle

Because your laundry must take these into account if you want to attract this type of public. Nor should you ignore the profile or type of businesses you can offer services to, such as restaurants and hotels (sheets, duvets, tablecloths, towels and so on).

Cost of space

Depending on the area and the town or city in which you site your laundry, the value of premises, goods and services will vary. This factor absolutely must be taken into account as it will influence costs, but also the revenue you can earn. This economic variable will certainly carry weight in deciding on the area in which to site your vended laundry, as well as in carrying out the viability study that will determine the prospects of the business and when you will recover your investment.

Safety and cleaning

While it may seem obvious, it is essential that the area in which your vended laundry is located must be safe and clean. 

  • Safe: 

So that people can leave their wash in the machine without worry about possible theft and it is not located in a particularly rough area.

  • Clean: 

Siting a laundry in an area where cleaning services are poor is not the ideal image for your audience. The cleanliness of the area is fundamental in terms of image and impression. We are talking about a 100% hygiene-focused business and if the area does not give this impression, however well thought-out and developed the business is, clients are unlikely to choose this option.


Having parking space nearby, whether public or private, within 5 to 7 minutes of the laundry, is a point in its favour, as it makes access easier for people who do not live nearby or who need a vehicle to carry their linen to the laundry.


If the pavement in front of the vended laundry is wide, preferably around 3.5 metres, access to the premises will be much easier and their visibility will be improved, as will pedestrian traffic thanks to the space.

Another point to bear in mind is which floor the business is on. The best thing is to locate it on a ground floor with easy access from the street, avoiding features such as stairs that can represent barriers to clients.


Locating the premises on a corner will increase their visibility considerably as they can be seen from more places and have a presence on two different streets.

This visibility together with the location will increase if most of the frontage is glass, allowing passers-by to see inside, and this adds to its appeal and attraction. It is also helpful to have posters, signs or directions in the street to help clients to notice and find the laundry.

Considering other possible locations

Finally, you should not forget the possibility of locating your vended laundry in places that are not strictly high street premises. We are talking about, for example:

  • Shopping centres
  • Campsites
  • Supermarkets
  • Ski resorts
  • Petrol stations
  • Hotels

The decision on where to site your vended laundry will depend to a great extent on the goals you set for your business and the style you want to give it. It is not the same wanting to create a vintage launderette as one that does not have any particular style. The features of the premises and the type of area you look for will be influenced by this choice. Aware of the importance of location in the success of your vended laundry, Girbau as a supplier can offer you advice on choosing premises to help you find the right place to meet your requirements.

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