The keys to success in a vended laundry business

The vended laundry business is synonymous with success and the figures testify to the good health of a rapidly-growing sector.  

High profitability 

Is the vended laundry business profitable? The answer is a resounding yes. One of the main features of businesses of this kind is that they yield high profits and take up little time. 

Moderate investment  

Opening a vended laundry requires a moderate initial investment compared with other entrepreneurs' businesses. 

The bulk of the investment is for:  

  • Buying the machines

  • Permissions as with any business

  • Buying or renting premises (if you do not have them)

  • Converting and fitting out the premises

Buying the machines Permissions as with any business Buying or renting premises (if you do not have them) Converting and fitting out the premises 

Rapid return on investment 

One of the main advantages of the vended laundry business is that the initial investment can be recovered from the second year in operation in ideal conditions. Given an average return on investment this takes from three to four years. 

However, before opting to open a business of your own, like a vended laundry, you must study the market to increase your possibilities of success.  

Low running costs 

Another of the factors that make a laundry profitable is the low running costs associated with it, which include:  

  • Electricity, water and internet connections.

  • Taxes.

  • Cleaning and maintenance.

Minimum investment of time

Minimum investment of time Without ignoring the complication that goes with any company, it is fair to say that a vended laundry is a good business because it is relatively simple to run and takes up little time. 


Simple business

Running it is simpler than with other businesses with similar features, such as a shop or hospitality establishment, as it does not involve, for example, regular contact with suppliers. 

Vended laundries generate revenue passively, i.e. they do not require permanent employees. 

The entrepreneur need not be there and modern laundry businesses can be run remotely. 

Entrepreneurs starting out in the business world should also consider the option of choosing the franchise model. This formula, which is highly successful in the laundry sector, gives the owner extra support in setting up their own business. 


The latest technological innovations go hand in hand with the growth of the vended laundry sector, as they can be run from home quickly and simply, making the business operative and efficient. The combination of these factors means profits can be made in a short period of time, making vended laundries a great prospect for the future. There are also high-quality software packages like Sapphire that allow smart, remote management of vended laundries, making them the perfect tool for entrepreneurs starting out in this rapidly-expanding sector. 

Adapting the service to the user

Another of the keys to success in this sector is adapting the service to the needs of users in a society where immediacy and lack of time are critical. Vended laundries offer users a key service: washing and drying linen outside the home, cheaply and saving a lot of time.  

In short, the vended laundry business has become an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking for a profitable business. Also, when you get into business, specialist partners exist to allow:  

  • Adaptation to the needs of the market

  • Having latest-generation machinery

  • Offering good support

Or you can even consider the option of choosing the franchise model if extra support is needed.  

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