What would you expect from a washing machine in the 21st century?

Washing machines are one of the key parts of a laundry if you want it to work in a satisfactory way, with the highest possible quality. It's their job to make sure linen is properly cleaned and disinfected, at the same time taking care of the fabrics, taking into account the specifications of each type. This is why it is fair to say that the success and - above all - the profitability of a laundry business will depend on the right choice of washing machines. But what must a laundry be like in order to be competitive in the 21st century, and to meet the challenges posed by today's market?

Confidence and durability

So reliability, taken to mean all the technical specifications that mean you can rely on that machine and assure its long-term profitability, is one of the first factors to take into account when choosing an industrial washing machine. This is why it is a good idea to consider the soft-mount option, vibration monitoring and robustness. The right soft-mount system, plus a good chassis, results in a robust machine with a longer working life, even under the most demanding conditions. Likewise, monitoring vibrations while spinning also prolongs the useful life of the washing machine, allows predictive maintenance and cuts down time due to faults.

Simplicity without sacrifices

Ease of use is another key factor to take into account in view of current demand on the washing machine market. It's very important for both use and maintenance of the machine to be simple, intuitive and ergonomic. This means it needs to have simple, understandable screens and controls and indicator lights to show machine status visually, quickly and intuitively from anywhere in the laundry. These controls must also be water and impact-resistant and be usable even wearing gloves, to control the operation of the machine at all times without sacrificing any of the features it needs. Nowadays it is possible to achieve hitherto unimaginable flexibility in washing thanks to the configuration options on latest-generation machines, with total versatility in wash programmes.

Ergonomics and ease of access are other factors affecting ease of use that must be borne in mind, especially in industrial laundries where people work, also considering those with any disabilities. This means features like door size and a wide opening angle, allowing easy loading and unloading of linen.

Support as added value

Having an agile, specialised technical support service is another necessary factor expected in a 21st-century laundry. Efficient technical support able to: spot faults; shorten down time by acting fast, to avoid long waits and boost client satisfaction; carry out repairs quickly; make maintenance easier with designs that allow staff easy access to all parts of the machines; and finally be able to monitor machine status to anticipate faults, so cutting costs.


Connectivity is the future

Last but not least, it's very important to bear in mind connectivity, to make a washing machine smart, as the future of industrial laundries is closely linked to this feature. If there's one thing you must definitely ask of a 21st-century washing machine, it has to be smart.  Connectivity is implemented in machines through Bluetooth and wifi options, to make it much simpler and more convenient to monitor machines remotely.  Moreover, monitoring systems provide high added value as they make it possible to set criteria for washing, spinning, drying and disinfection, to programme machines according to the client's specific needs. Another example of connectivity is, for example, thanks to the system of alerts, the client can forget about on-site supervision of the operation of their machines.

Girbau works constantly to develop highly competitive solutions with reliable, easy-to-use machines that are efficient in environmental and productivity terms and feature the most advanced connectivity technologies. The new generation of HS7 washing machines from Girbau is here to revolutionise the industrial laundry business and offer the most reliable washing machines for the 21st century.

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