Visit to Girbau factories
The industrial plants of the GIRBAU Group occupy a manufacturing surface area of 53.000 m2.
GIRBAU 1 - Vic (Barcelona)
21.000 m2
Assembly of large-capacity washing machines, Dryers, Ironers and Sheet metal workshop
GIRBAU 2 - Vic (Barcelona)
5000 m2
Assembly of batch washing systems (tunnels, presses, dryers), Flatwork ironers and supplementary equipment
GIRBAU 3 - Vic (Barcelona)
8.600 m2
Assembly of small and medium-capacity washing machine lines
GIRBAU 4 - Gresy-sur-aix, (Francia)
6.600 m2
Machinery for process automation (feeders, folders, stackers) and Compact ironers
GIRBAU 6 - Vic (Barcelona)
2.800 m2
Machining and welding
GIRBAU 8 - Shanghai (China)
9.000 m2
Washing machines, Dryers, Ironers, Ironing systems, Batch washing systems

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